The end of the world as we know it

Talking to one of my friends who is on the verge of making the Great Migration, we began to discuss the quick tech support which is available for Red Hat and other Linux distros on the newsgroups in places like alt.os.linux.redhat and so forth. He was concerned, though, about posting his email and generating even more spam, and mentioned that he might set up an account at Hotmail or Yahoo in order to avoid that problem.

Of course, Pan and Pine and pretty much every other newsreader lets you use fake emails anyhow, so if you’re content to wait for your answer to get posted, there’s no reason to use real address. As proof, I cited one recent post I’d seen was made by one Nyarlatothep, giving an email of My friend conceded the point, with the caveat “if it’s not fake, we’re all in a lot of trouble!”

The Elder Gods have awoken at last from their long sleep of centuries. And they’ve got email!