Pumping for Arnold

In honor of Governor Schwarzenegger’s election – I didn’t and don’t support his political career, but I still like him as an example of what determination can do for an individual – I hit the triceps hard today. After my normal workout, I added a symbolic six reps with the 100-pound dumbell. I figure Arnold would appreciate that sort of homage instead of the usual toast or whatever. So, *grunt* here’s to the new governor!

And now to sacrifice whatever man points the above feat may have gained me… I was listening to Robbie Williams in the car on the way to the gym, (note – not my CD, it was already in there), and I had to admire the way he forthrightly addressed the public accusations of his supposed homosexuality. In my humble opinion, singing “Press be asking do I care for sodomy, I don’t know, yeh, probably,” while a not-very-clad Kylie Minogue is draped all over you amounts to a rather decisively sarcastic rebuttal.

Given that I am charged with an unhealthy and unnatural interest in men on pretty much a weekly basis, I see only one logical solution. It’s time for me to write a song and film a video with Kylie.