Voxic Shock: Whiskey Zulu India

In which I revisit scenario Whiskey Zulu India with the help of my producer, Vidad. In related news, Greece appears to be in full meltdown. Consider the current yields for the 2-year bond. Today: 55.388%. Last week: 32.766%. Last year: 10.576%. As the Market Ticker has warned, it looks very much as if a Lehman event is on the way.

Voxic Shock 1.8: Economist Steve Keen

In this week’s podcast, I interview Australian Post-Keynesian economist, Steve Keen, who is among the first economists – if not the very first – to systematically incorporate debt into a Keynesian macroeconomic model.  Interestingly, he appears to harbor even more contempt for the Neo-Keynesian likes of Krugman and Stiglitz than I do; he believes them to be little more than conventional neo-classicals subject to most of the same errors of assumption as their Chicago School rivals. He even goes so far as to state that if their Samuelsonian formulas are Keynesian, then he must be an Anatine economist.

Voxic Shock 1.3: Officer Nick Novello

In this week’s Voxic Shock podcast, I speak with officer Nick Novello of the Dallas Police Department about his membership in Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, his experience in fighting the War on Drugs, why he now supports the legalization of marijuana and other prohibited substances, and his perspective on the increased militarization of the American police.

In related news, Representatives Ron Paul and Barney Frank are reported to be introducing federal legislation to legalize marijuana and remove the federal government from at least one aspect of the drug war.

Voxic Shock 1.2: Karl Denninger

In this week’s podcast, I speak with Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker about everything from the probability of another banking bailout to the student loan debacle.  We also discuss how it came to pass that he, a lifelong Republican, voted for Obama and how he felt about it subsequently as well as why he is not a supporter of Ron Paul.

A direct download of Voxic Shock 1.1, featuring economist Ian Fletcher, is now available.

UPDATE – Karl has a post on the podcast in case you are interested in leaving a comment related to it on his site. It appears his readers enjoyed it as well.

WND debuts Voxic Shock

Thanks to Vidad and Markku, I was able to offer the idea of a weekly podcast to Joseph Farah and Mr. Farah was more than willing to give it a try.  If Voxic Shock is of sufficient interest to WND readers, it will be appearing on Thursdays in addition to my Monday column.  Some work still remains to be done, as I don’t have the proper equipment yet and so was using my Logitech gaming headset in lieu of a proper microphone and so forth.  But those who have heard the old Voxonomics podcasts will definitely hear the difference that having an audio professional doing the editing makes.

For the inaugural Voxic Shock podcast, I interviewed economist Ian Fletcher.  We discussed David Ricardo, Adam Smith, the limits of the theory of comparative advantage, and the seemingly ironic concept of creating American jobs and growing the economy through the use of trade barriers.  So tune in and feel free to leave your comments here after you’ve listened to it.  I’ve already recorded next week’s interview with Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker and as those who read the Ticker can probably imagine, it’s a lively one.

However, Voxic Shock is not going to be an economics-only podcast.  I’ve contacted Herman Cain to see if he’s interested in being interviewed – no response yet – and having heard rumors that Mighty Cthulhu might be throwing his tentacles into the presidential ring again, I’ve been trying to locate his campaign manager.  Unfortunately, the only contact I had for him appears to have been devoured in 2008.  I’m also going to be talking to one of my favorite living historians, John Julius Norwich.  If there is anyone in particular you are interested in hearing interviewed for future podcasts, please go ahead and email me your suggestions, preferably with contact information.

UPDATE: WND is working on a RSS feed and direct download link. The next cast will be Friday, June 17th. In the meantime, here is an alternative Voxic Shock feed.