Mailvox: making the choice

In response to yesterday’s column about it being time to choose your side, I heard from a reader who is interested in creating a short fiction companion site to Castalia House. While I don’t have the bandwidth to do much more than offer advice and perhaps some branding, I’m interested in finding out if there is anyone here interested in being involved in some way, shape, or form, be it editing, contributing short fiction, or helping with the site.

If so, mention it here, and if there are enough people that are interested, I’ll see about gathering the names and sending them to the individual concerned. There are a number of possibilities here I can imagine, from amping up Stupefying Stories to creating an entirely new short fiction brand. But the initial path will be determined by how many volunteers are willing to get involved.

As I told the guy, there is no money in short fiction these days. It has to be a mission and an objective to be pursued as an end in itself. I’d like to see it happen, as I can easily envision it being the NCAA to Castalia’s NFL, where writers can develop their storytelling and writing skills in the process of becoming publishable authors. But it has to be done right or there is no point in doing it at all.

The key to making things happen, of course, is simply jumping in and doing it. At Castalia, we had no plan. We had 10 ebooks, a name, a URL, and the support of the Dread Ilk. Three months later, we’ve sold or given away more than 15,000 books. So, I have no doubt that if the people here want to make it happen, we can collectively make it happen.

It would surprise me terribly if in five years, we have a fledgling Internet TV channel and production studio going. Or perhaps we will be petty warlords battling for local supremacy in various zombie-strewn post-civilization wastelands instead. But regardless, we have the advantage of knowing that even two men joined by their mutual allegiance to a certain Name can accomplish more than most people can imagine.

How the OC spent his summer vacation

The OC provides an update on the current Rampant Loon publications:

If you’ve been following Stupefying Stories on facebook, you
know that slightly more than two months ago, as we were in the throes of
releasing the July issue, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This
apparently was why I seemed to have boundless energy. My blood sugars
were five times higher than normal. I had the metabolism of a

My doctors immediately put me on an aggressive treatment plan, which
immediately made things much worse. By the time a month later when we
were trying to finish up both the August issue and the long-delayed
zombie anthology, and just as the aforementioned soap opera was reaching
its dramatic climax for the season, the diagnosis was revised to
full-blown Type 1. Apparently my endocrine system was not merely out of
adjustment. My pancreas had just plain packed up and quit.

Something had to give, and as it turned out, it was our August release schedule.

Things have begun to stabilize since then. I’m now on a treatment
regimen consisting of two different types of insulin and five injections
daily, with each dose being calculated based on my latest blood glucose
reading and then adjusted by a variety of fudge factors—all things my
pancreas used to do autonomically. A remarkable organ, the pancreas;
terribly underappreciated. As Joni Mitchell said, “You don’t know what
you got ‘til it’s gone.”

Fortunately, he’s doing much better now and is working on both Headcrash 2.0 and the sequel to Rebel Moon, entitled Rebel Moon Rising.  No, I cruelly jest, while he is doing better, he is doing nothing of the kind. But there is the new Showcase and new Stupefying Stories on the way soon.