World Evil Forum

I don’t often agree with Greenpeace, but they’re absolutely right to call out the massive Clown World hypocrites who are flying in hundreds of private jets to their mountain temple of evil next week in order to tell everyone else in the world to stop using heat, water, and air.

A few days ahead of the WEF’s annual meeting from January 16-20, Greenpeace has warned of the damage caused by the number of private jets shuttling to and from Davos. According to an analysis by the Dutch consulting firm CE Delft and Greenpeace, the number of private jets to and from airports serving Davos doubled during WEF 2022, which took place in May. This amounted to 1,040 private jet flights during the annual meeting week.

Whatever happened to Zoom meetings? If they can afford private jets, can’t they afford web cams? But I suppose Satan is probably a real stickler for physical attendance at the annual Black Mass.