About those “smart” hard-working immigrants

Immigrants to the USA are never as intelligent as they try to present themselves. They just tend to be far more adroit, and work much harder, at cheating than Northern Europeans, particularly than those of British descent.

College Board, the academic giant that administers the SAT, served as a “key partner” for the Chinese government for nearly two decades, helping it establish controversial Confucius Institute programs across the U.S. K-12 system, according to a new report.

Hanban, the Chinese government agency responsible for administering the Confucius Institute, has worked with the College Board for years to place government-approved Chinese teachers in American high schools across the country, according to a new report by the National Association of Scholars. The initiative has allowed Chinese teachers to teach Mandarin to tens of thousands of students. The College Board has also helped Hanban set up more than a dozen Confucius Institute classrooms, placing an organ of Chinese propaganda in the heart of some public school systems.

The report sheds light on the Chinese government’s vigorous attempt to penetrate the K-12 system, mirroring its infiltration of college campuses through the Confucius Institute. Rachelle Peterson, an NAS scholar responsible for the report, said the partnership raises questions about whether it is appropriate for such a trusted American institution to lend its support for Chinese influence-peddling efforts targeting the country’s youngest people.

“The College Board’s relationship with the Hanban appears to be unique—it is so deeply wedded to the Chinese government,” she said. “China has been especially aggressive in seeking Western partners who can lend to the Chinese government a veneer of credibility and respectability, and the College Board has received those offers with open arms.”

The Jews historically tested low in comparison with Europeans until they managed to get control of the universities. As I have conclusively proved, their much-vaunted “115 IQs” are not only a pure and self-serving myth, but are statistically impossible unless Israeli Jews have IQs comparable to US Blacks. I would not be even remotely surprised if it turns out that the spectacular Asian performance on the SATs in recent years was, in part, the result of widespread corruption of the College Board.

Let’s not even get started on the complete corruption of Indian test-taking, in which it is common for the smart one of the extended family to take the tests on behalf of all of his brothers and cousins. This clannish behavior even extends to job interviews, where the employee who shows up for work is not the same individual who interviewed for the job.

This really isn’t that hard. The fact that no other cultures have inherited the British tradition of “good sport” and “fair play” necessarily means that most of them, especially the more ruthless and self-serving, aren’t going to even hesitate to cheat and misrepresent themselves in a broad variety of ways if they believe that will help their people get ahead. Immigrants from those cultures may or may not work hard, but one of the things at which they work the hardest is cheating.