America is the New Carthage

Americans have long considered themselves a nation blessed by God, a New Rome, a city on a hill, but as is increasingly evident, it is now a nation upon which God has turned His back and is permitting to stew in the full fruits of its own evil. And the disgusting revelation that Planned Parenthood is not only murdering America’s children on an industrial scale, but harvesting them in much the same way the Nazis harvested their victims, is sufficient to prove that America is not the New Rome it once fancied itself, but rather, the New Carthage:

The undercover journalist who videotaped a Planned Parenthood senior medical officer talking about how to buy and sell fetal body parts derived from aborted babies says Planned Parenthood is lying in their response to his video.

Planned Parenthood said Tuesday that it does not make money from selling fetal body parts to companies like StemExpress, and any revenues received are related strictly to expenses.

David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress said the abortion provider is lying: “Planned Parenthood makes two key admissions in their statement today; first, that aborted fetal parts are harvested at their clinics, and second, that money is exchanged in connection with this.”

He also says Planned Parenthood is lying by insisting it gets “proper consent” from its patients,” and “Planned Parenthood does not make money off the body parts.”

It’s a little strange that the news Planned Parenthood is making an additional profit from the corpses of its victims should be so upsetting to Americans when so many of them are fine with the corporation profiting from the simple act of murder, but I suppose that shows the conscience of the nation is merely numbed, not entirely dead.

Matt Walsh put it well: “I want to thank everyone who defended Planned Parenthood today. I now know to never take any of your opinions seriously ever again.”

In any event, understand that America, like many an evil and decadent empire before it, is long overdue for a cleansing. Like it or not, the social conservatives were right, and the slippery slope they predicted, at which so many scoffed, appears to have been considerably understated.

The game of thought police

It’s going to be interesting to watch the various retailers and government officials who banned the Confederate flag scramble as people begin to hold them accountable for everything from Nazi regalia to the gay rainbow flag.

Online retail giant Amazon’s Monday decision to ban the sale of merchandise depicting the Confederate flag has many Americans scratching their heads, as a quick review of Amazon’s site reveals the company still sells Nazi flags.

This is insane. Now even Gone With the Wind is under attack. After all, how can Amazon possibly sell a book and movie that shamelessly glorifies the Confederacy? And what about The Dukes of Hazzard? I mean, the car is even named the General Lee!

One thing is clear. We now know what Round Two’s banner is going to be. All the SJWs have succeeded in doing is heating up the cultural war while taking one of the more potent historical symbols of the past and making it relevant to tomorrow’s rebels.

And this, of course, is why it is ALWAYS a huge mistake to give an SJW so much as a single inch.

“Tearing Down the Confederate Flag Is Just a Start”
– Nicolas Kristof, The New York Times

I expect it probably is a start of something. But not necessarily the start of what he thinks it is.

Snow day!

I don’t often miss Minnesota. But I have to admit, I did enjoy the excitement of looking outside, seeing a field of white where there used to be a street, and turning on the radio, listening to hear that school had been canceled that day. As a kid, there isn’t much better than an unexpected snow day.

King Log is now King Stork

Who would have dreamed, back in the 1980s, that patriotic American dissidents would be fleeing to Moscow in pursuit of safety:

Putin said Russia ruled out handing Snowden over to the United
States. Putin said that Snowden was “not a Russian agent” and that
Russian intelligence services weren’t working with him, according to
Reuters.  He said that Snowden should choose his final destination
and travel there, but also offered some compliments to the National
Security Agency leaker.  Putin said he considered Snowden to be a
rights activist, calling him a “new dissident,” according to The
Associated Press, and compared him to Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei

Putin makes it possible for our generation to understand how historical strongmen became popular in their day.  In the meantime, he’s certainly winning the world’s favor by protecting the man who revealed just how pernicious the US empire has become.

Boomer Suicide

Reading this Washington Post headline just makes this Generation Xer feel like bursting into song:
 Boomer suicide (Just do it)
Boomer suicide, (they blew it)Boomer suicide (we knew it)Boomer suicide (yeah, do it)  Age and arrogance don’t mix
Your generation’s so over
We’ll read your last statement from your credit cardLife was so easy but you made it so hard
Feel the power of revenge Your children parked you all alone
Your future’s dark and your bills are biggerPut the gun in your mouth and we’ll pull the damn trigger
 Boomer suicide (dumb fuckers)Boomer suicide (thumbsuckers)Boomer suicide (old bastards)Boomer suicide (die faster)  “Baby boomers are killing themselves at an alarming rate, raising question: Why?  He is part of an alarming trend among baby boomers, whose suicide rates shot up precipitously between 1999 and 2010.”  Why?  The journalist obviously is not an American of Generation X. The generation that has had to put up with the vagaries of the Baby Boomers for literally its entire existence knows very well why they are killing themselves at an unusually high rate. It is because Baby Boomers are disproportionately inclined to be narcissistic, selfish, short-sighted, superficial bastards who don’t give a damn about anything except themselves, and they are psychologically incapable of grasping the basic concepts of mortality or graceful old age.
““We’ve been a pretty youth-oriented generation,” said Bob Knight,
professor of gerontology and psychology at the University of Southern
California, who is also a baby boomer. “We haven’t idealized growing up
and getting mature in the same way that other cohorts have.”  Even
as they become grandparents and deal with normal signs of getting old,
such as hearing and vision losses, many boomers are reluctant to accept
the realities of aging, Knight said.”

  You don’t say…. The realization that 65 is not, in fact, the new 18, and they really and truly are not cool anymore, is simply proving too much for them to bear.

Now, I wouldn’t want anyone to think Generation X is actually inclined to celebrate these rampant Boomer suicides.  It doesn’t fill us with glee to know they are offing themselves en masse, merely a modicum of appreciation for the first positive and non-selfish consequences their generation’s actions have ever produced.  Say what you will about them, but at least they are saving us an amount of effort.

In a world of wolves

There is a need for big dogs with sharp teeth to guard the sheep, especially the little lambs:

Rembrandt’s phone rang at 3:15p.m. on a Saturday. He was on his way home from his grandson’s karate tournament, about 5 miles from his Mesa home.

It was Sassy. A BACA kid was in trouble.

Her road name is Music, and she’s 10. She belonged to a BACA chapter in another state but is now living in Arizona with her grandmother. That makes her Sassy’s and Rembrandt’s kid now.

Her abuser is in jail, but his family members had tracked the girl down in Arizona and were banging on the grandmother’s front door, demanding that she turn the girl over to them, shouting up at the second-floor window where the child was huddled in her bedroom. Her grandmother called BACA and then dialed 911.

The bikers know the drill well. Rembrandt called those who live closest to him – Rock, Uno and Fat Daddy. He stopped to change out of his grandpa clothes – shorts, T-shirt and sandals – and put on his biker garb – jeans, boots, leather vest, holster and handgun.

The bikers carry weapons on stakeouts only when there is a threat against a child and they feel that as citizens they also could be threatened. Otherwise, Rembrandt says, they do not wear weapons around children. He says most of the bikers are licensed to carry concealed weapons.

Rembrandt stuffed water bottles into his saddle bags and jumped on his 2000 purple-and-orange Indian Chief.

By 3:40 p.m., the four men were on their way to Music, the rumble of their bikes announcing their arrival. Music’s grandmother rushed outside when she heard them, hugging Rembrandt and giving him a piece of notebook paper with a description of the people and their license-plate number.

Sheriff’s deputies had been there, she said, and had escorted the people out of the neighborhood. But it is a public street, and law-enforcement officers just don’t have the manpower to stay for long. She feared that once the deputies left, the people would be back.

She was right. But when they did return later that evening, they saw something different: four big bikers, all wearing shades even in the dimming light, their motorcycles backed into the mouth of the driveway.

Rock had something resembling a cannon strapped to his leg; Rembrandt wore his gun on his hip.

To someone trying to mess with a little girl, a group of large, strong bikers sends a certain message, Rembrandt says. “It just has a different feel than a cop,” he says. More unpredictable, maybe.

“Cops are actually handcuffed by specific rules and laws that we are not. A cop has to work within a framework,” Rembrandt says. “You can flip off a cop. You don’t want to flip off Rock.” Just knowing that a biker doesn’t have to follow rules or honor boundaries can intimidate a person trying to make trouble.

That night, Music’s grandmother pitched a small tent in her granddaughter’s bedroom, right under the window, so the little girl could look out the window whenever she wanted to see the bikers at the end of the driveway.

Bikers guarded the house in shifts for the next 2 1/2 days. Some rode two hours from Tucson, kept watch for eight hours and then rode home again.

They talked in low voices, and once Music was asleep, the red embers of their cigarettes glowed in the dark.

Bikers Against Child Abuse is an example of the vast superiority of the libertarian model based on good people freely contributing their time and energy to other individuals in their community to the statist model of permitting a parasite class to forcibly extracting resources from everyone and pay itself to pretend to address the problem through government regulations and bureaucracy.

I thought I’d post this since it strikes me as the sort of activity that some of the Ilk might find to be fulfilling, assuming any of you are capable of passing the required background checks.  BACA seems to go in more for road bikes and handguns than crotch rockets and fully tricked-out .50 caliber rifles with 4th Gen scopes, though.

It’s a good cause. Sometimes, all that courage requires is the certain knowledge that somewhere out there, someone is looking out for you.

Molon labe, m————

Karl Denninger and his readers echo Leonidas:

“President Obama has said that his push to effectively delete the Second Amendment will face “significant resistance.”  It is time to show him and those in Congress how much resistance there is for any sort of additional gun bans and/or registration requirements in a peaceful and lawful manner.  Print copies of this and dispatch them to your Congresspeople, The White House, and staple them to telephone poles and other locations across the country.”

This image should be placed everywhere that will remind everyone Americans will never, ever, lay down their guns or accept any limits on their right to bear arms.  The politicians are hopelessly out of touch and they have no idea just how significant American resistance will be or they wouldn’t dream of even hinting at the subject.  I find it very hard to believe they will be foolish enough to declare war on the American people and attempt to forcibly disarm them, but if they do pursue that war, they damn sure are not going to win it.

No limits.  No restrictions.  No laws.  Nothing that infringes, even in the smallest and most seemingly sensible way, on the right to bear arms.  No compromise.

The Grasshopper Generation

I told you that Baby Boomers were, collectively, the most despicable generation in American history. But now they’re really outdoing themselves:

“My goal is when they carry me away in that box that my bank account is going to say zero,” Willison said. “I’m going to spoil myself now.”

Upending the conventional notion of parents carefully tending their financial estates to be passed down at the reading of their wills, many baby boomers say they instead plan to spend the money on themselves while they’re alive.

In a survey of millionaire boomers by investment firm U.S. Trust, only 49% said it was important to leave money to their children when they die. The low rate was a big surprise for a company that for decades has advised wealthy people how to leave money to their heirs.

Needless to say, they’re not too worried about fixing the economy either. All far too many of them care about is that Social Security and Medicare last long enough to see them to their graves. Still talking about Woodstock, of course.

For once

I agree with Paul Krugman:

What happened after 9/11 — and I think even people on the right know this, whether they admit it or not — was deeply shameful. Te atrocity should have been a unifying event, but instead it became a wedge issue. Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror. And then the attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons.

The Giuliani as America’s Hero Mayor was particularly ludicrous. And I think it’s totally ridiculous that the NFL teams still have American flags on their helmets. A few more attacks and they’ll look like the Ohio Buckeyes.

Secular faux holidays like the media are trying to pump up today are simply ludicrous. There is nothing sacred about 9/11 and nothing good has come of it.

An optimistic metaphor

Joseph Lozito, husband, father, and American badass:

It turns out that Maksim Gelman wasn’t just any nutjob riding pantless on the Subway – he was a bona-fide spree killer in the middle of a 28 hour stabbing rampage that had left four people dead and five more wounded across the boroughs of New York City. Earlier in the weekend, Gelman had done a shitload of crack and murdered his stepfather and his girlfriend’s mom with a knife, stabbed his girlfriend 11 times, ran over a dude with a car, slashed another motorist, and carjacked an unsuspecting couple, stabbing both of them in the process. He was a career criminal who had completely lost his fucking shit, and now he was swinging a goddamned machete around a crowded Subway train filled with women, children, and more innocent bystanders than a superhero comic. And now he’s coming straight for Joseph Lozito, and there isn’t a hell of a lot this Pennsylvania native can do to avoid the confrontation. It’s like a bad 80s movie about gang violence on the Subway, only this was rush hour traffic, real life, and Gelman is definitely not wearing an awesome headband or listening to rad jams blasting from the tape deck on his boombox.

But Joseph Lozito isn’t just any chump on his way to work, and he sure as shit isn’t about to sit there and let some psychotic madman knife him to death without putting up a fight. This guy is a life-long MMA fan who took his love of the sport to super-fan levels – he’d been to UFC 1 in 1993, never missed a pay-per-view, and celebrated his friggin’ wedding anniversary by taking his wife to see the Ultimate Fighting Championship live.

He’s also fucking gigantic – standing 6’2″ and weighing in at 260 pounds. Gelman wasn’t going to know what the fuck hit him…. As Gelman approaches, Lozito does the last thing the knife-wielding maniac expected – he attacks.

That’s the best line in the article: “he attacks”. As my sensei always taught us, “when you go, you go!” In other words, once the moment for action arrives, commit 100 percent. Lozito appears to have had little idea what he was doing – a simple arm bar and break would have been significantly safer than a takedown – but that only emphasizes his courage and heroism.

It’s easy to be pessimistic about Americans. They tolerate one of the smartest, most predatory political classes in the history of the world. They pretty much don’t want to do anything except go to work, eat, drink beer, and watch television as their country is overrun by Mexican gangs, Somali jihadists, and people with names like Maksim.

The country is broke and heading for collapse, but there is still hope for what comes after. Because despite all its many flaws, America is still the place where MMA was invented, where paintball was invented, and men like Joseph Lozito not only fight when they’re forced to fight, but fight to win. New York City and Washington DC and Hollywood and San Francisco and Maksim Gelman aren’t America, they’re all tumors indicative of the imported cancer will eventually kill the United States. The real America is where a man isn’t trying to rule the world or live as a parasite, but merely wants to do his job, do his own thing, and kick your ass if you won’t leave him alone.

And where were the cops that Gelman confronted first? New York’s Finest where you’d expect them to be, hiding like little girls and waiting for it to be over: “Two transit cops locked themselves in the train’s front room with the conductor and didn’t immediately open the door when straphangers called for help, because they thought the madman had a gun.”