That is his Post-America

What warms the hearts of civic nationalists is the complete absence of actual America:

A man who shared his heartwarming photo of a Hasidic couple scooting over on a subway train so they could make room for a Muslim mother feeding her baby has gone viral.  The man, Jackie Summers, who blogs for The Good Men Project, and who is a Taoist, said he gave up his seat to the Hasidic couple on the F train in New York City on Easter Sunday. The F train runs from Brooklyn, through Manhattan, and into Queens. ‘A Taoist (me) gives up his seat so a Hasidic couple could sit together. They scoot over so a Muslim mother could sit and nurse her baby, on Easter Sunday,’ wrote on Facebook and in his blog. ‘This is my America: people letting people be people.’

The problem, of course, is that Islam, Judaism, and Taoism are not American. FFS, they’re not even Western. And none of them are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday in the nation that once celebrated “No King but Jesus”.

That is not America. That is Post-America. It has literally nothing to do with anything American except geography. Which, of course, is why the Left loves it. They want to live in the Disney utopia of “It’s a Small World”, where everyone is simultaneously diverse and all the same.

  • ‘Now that’s the kind of America I would like to live in.’
  • ‘This *is* the future that liberals want.’ 

No doubt it is. But America is not a place. America is not an idea. America is not the entire human race. America is not the world. America is a Christian nation of European people who are the genetic Posterity of the Founding Fathers. Paper Americans are no more actual Americans than paper tigers are genuine tigers.

And civic nationalism is to nationalism what social justice is to justice.