Mailvox: Poland Makes a Move

From a Polish reader:

Today 08.07.2024 Prime Minister Donald Tusk signed an agreement (upon the acceptance of President Duda) with President Zelenski for military support. This agreement, as Mr. Tomasz Piekielnik says on his youtube channel, engages us in the war with Russia. Legions of Ukrainian soldiers are to be formed in Poland. Secondly, Poland will launch Russian missiles that will be hitting Ukraine. This agreement also contains records of the possibility of stationing Polish troops in Ukraine.

The agreement is kept secret from the public opinion. It could not be found on government websites or through the legal information system.

It’s possible that Poland is attempting to enmesh NATO formally into the war against Russia. Alternatively, it’s also possible that Poland is playing the Kiev regime to carve out some Ukrainian territory for itself, as a number of observers have been predicting.

In either case, it’s clear that the vulnerability being shown by the now-illegitimate Kiev regime is leading to a new phase of the conflict.

UPDATE: Confirmed, more or less.

Poland and Ukraine sign ‘unprecedented’ military agreement. Kyiv has committed to exploring new ways of shooting down all Russian missiles and drones in Ukrainian airspace that are headed in the direction of Poland together with Warsaw, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced on Monday. Zelenskyy shared the news of the security agreement in a post on X, saying the “unprecedented document” also includes forming and training a new volunteer Ukrainian military unit, the Ukrainian Legion, on Polish territory.

More word games and rhetorical legalisms aren’t going to fool anyone.