DOA in Wales

The Conservative Party no longer exists in Wales:

The UK Labour Party has won all but five of Wales’ 32 seats in the House of Commons after the Conservatives suffered a crushing defeat in Thursday’s general election. Labour secured 27 of the Welsh seats, while the pro-independence Plaid Cymru party won four and the Lib Dems took one. The Conservative Party faced a total wipeout, losing all 14 of the seats they had won in the 2019 election.

It appears that the English people will also require a different party to represent them, as apparently getting wiped out with a Hindu at its head wasn’t enough for the Conservatives, who are now apparently debating which African they should get behind as a leader.

It’s remarkable that the Tories still think they’re playing a game of ideology and inclusivity. That game is over, because Britain is no longer racially homogenous.