This is No Black Pill

Kim Dot Com says the worst is yet to come. But the worst for whom?

The worst is yet to come.

The Democrats conspired with the deep state to rule America forever. They implemented a totalitarian system of mass surveillance, censorship and propaganda for that reason.

They made deals with the owners of big tech to safeguard their monopolies in exchange for integration into the surveillance and censorship state. They control the media and most online channels. They want to disarm the citizens, ban independent crypto and install a state controlled blockchain with a social score system to keep the public under control. You won’t have means to pay for anything if you disobey.

They imported millions of new voters through open borders and propped up the LGBTQ movement to stay in power. 86% of LBGTQ vote Dems and close to 100% of legalized immigrants will vote for the party that pays and protects them and not for the party that wants to deport them.

The Democrats want absolute power. They will execute this plan by all means. If they fail they will face serious consequences. They fear Trump and his revenge. But most of all they fear the American people when the inevitable economic collapse arrives. The elites, their puppet politicians and the media propagandists will be pay with their blood for ruining the United States.

Living the rest of their days in a 5-star nuclear bunker and blaming Putin for the end of the world may be the best of their options.

The worst is yet to come.

First, it’s not “the Democrats”. It’s Clown World, which is to say the global satanists who are served by everyone from Jewish billionaires to fake Catholics, German Eurocrats, degenerate Anglo-Saxon Protestants, and a myriad of other diversities. We don’t know precisely whom is calling the shots, except that it’s probably Moloch or some other demon that was worshipped in Tyrus, Carthage, Technochtitlan, and other past centers of The Empire That Never Ended.

Second, those millions of young, male imports were not imported to outvote the natives. They were brought in to fight the natives when the civil wars start. If the mass deportations do not begin under the next administration, this will likely become obvious and undeniable sooner than anyone expects. World War III has already begun, it just hasn’t come to the USA yet.

The spiritual element is why those who blame everything on “the Democrats” or “the globalists” or “the Jews” or even “the Phoenician Navy” inevitably fail to grasp the comprehensive whole across time or to recognize the repetitive pattern of the fall of previous empires.

Every time they succeed, God raises up hard men to stand against them and overthrow them. Before Putin and Xi, there was Hernán Cortés and Fabius Maximus and Scipio Africanus. Whether they are Christians or whether they are not, they wage war against the greatest evil that the world has ever known, the same evil that Jesus Christ himself defeated with his death on the Cross. Perhaps Trump is one of those men. Perhaps not. One way or the other, we should know soon enough.

We’re still part of that old story, the oldest story, light against dark.

But to paraphrase the words of Rust in True Detective, despite all the wicked darkness in the skies above us, it looks as if the light is winning.