The Clowntardery of Color Revolutions

If your grand strategy for winning wars relies entirely upon political regime change unseating a singular individual, you are almost certainly guaranteed to lose. Contra the historical propaganda about WWI and WWII, nations do not engage in all-out industrial warfare because one individual seeks war. China will not become more or less militarily capable whether Xi is in charge or not; it invaded Cambodia to drive out the North Vietnamese under Deng, the much-lauded “Westernizer”.

And China’s insistence on the One-China policy not only long predates Xi, it will long survive him regardless of whether he succeeds in the reunification of Taiwan island with the mainland or not.

Thus is the mechanism behind the simplistic information attack: Destabilize Russia under the scheme of exaggerated panic in order to sow social unrest and dissatisfaction with the leadership’s responses. Make it seem like Putin is “losing grip” on the situation, and that the brewing ‘instability’ is a result of society rising up, a narrative that will naturally be chained along and amplified by the Western corporate press. It’s a very run-of-the-mill psyop technology package.

The great irony here is that it is not the nationalist leaders who are losing their grip on the situation, nor is it the nationalist leaders who are increasingly unpopular in their own nations, but rather, the servants of Clown World and its fake “democracies”.

The psyops that worked on unstable, militarily-negligible countries with fragile regimes when the US President was the unquestioned “Leader of the Free World” don’t work anymore. Not only does everyone now know how they work and by whom they are funded, but the decreasing influence of the global media means that fewer and fewer people around the world even take them seriously, much less accept them at face value. There is no longer anyone anywhere on the planet who believes the demented walking corpse of “Joe Biden” is a more credible head of state than any of Clown World’s current targets for regime change.

And if a lack of popularity hasn’t caused the governments of Trudeau, Macron, Sunak, Netanyahu, or the Five Bidens to collapse, then why would it cause the governments of Putin and Xi to collapse, even if they were unpopular, which they aren’t.