Atheists Discover Consequences

It’s always mildly amusing to recall that they used to call themselves “brights” because they genuinely believed that they were smarter than Christians. Never mind that the island nation that developed a world-spanning empire under Christendom now can’t even offer token resistance to the imperial dar al-Islam:

I am getting scared of the rise of Islam in the UK and Europe. I study philosophy at university in England…. Oh boy my homeland is being overrun by Islam.

One guy legit told me the other day on a Friday that “I should be at the mosque” and shouted at me for not being so. I know plenty of Christians, and whilst I myself am atheist, none have ever tried to convert me or call me a heretic- whilst the only homophobes I know have been Muslim. Someone also said my degree, philosophy was “devil worship because asking questions about the universe and truth is evil-this is especially true because I focus in logic and game theory. They said it was not “real” and satanic…

What scares me most is that the left (of which I am a part of) seems to protect Islam by way of calling all who support it islamaphobic….when I said I supported Israel as it’s the only safe space for LGBT guys in the entire Middle East, and a democracy, someone spat at me and called me a “devil”.

It is psychotic. Do you think the west will fall to Islam? Sorry for the vent: I’ve come to the conclusion that I am very inclusive, but I cannot be inclusive to those who hate inclusion because fictional sky dad said no.

The fascinating thing is that even when they are in terror for their lives and their lifestyles, they still do not have the intellectual flexibility to admit that they were wrong, that inclusivity is evil and destructive, and that a nation that ceases to be a Christian nation will soon cease to be a nation at all.

If you accept diversity, equality, and inclusivity as ideals, then you have already lost the war. It’s just a matter of time before those who correctly reject those concepts as being intrinsically false overrun you.