Farage is Deep State 4

James Delingpole explains why Nigel Farage and his Reform Party are no more a genuine alternative to the Conservative Party than Labour or the Liberal Democrats:

I don’t trust Nigel Farage. But that doesn’t mean he is wrong on everything. He is not wrong, for example, when he says that the Russian incursion into Eastern Ukraine was provoked by the West. Nor is he wrong that the only acceptable solution is a negotiated peace settlement.

But that still doesn’t mean we should trust him. This is the same man who, during the fake Covid pandemic helped promote the psyop by allowing himself to be filmed banging his pots and pans for ‘Our NHS’. And the same man who urged that Tony Blair should be put in charge of the operation to roll out those safe and effective vaccines now bowling over his constituency like ninepins.

So what are we to make of it when so blatant and slippery an Establishment change agent suddenly spouts something that makes such obvious sense? Are we to go – as so many Reform voters are saying – “Well he may not be perfect. But at least he’s preferable to the Sunak/Starmer uniparty.”

No, he is not. For Farage, too, is a card-carrying member of the Sunak/Starmer uniparty. His role is merely to offer the gullible the illusion that the rigged voting system offers any alternative other than the uniparty.

Delingpole’s point is not that one should vote Tory instead of Reform. His point is that it doesn’t matter for whom an Englishman votes, because all of the Establishment parties are under the control and guidance of precisely the same global satanists.

Democracy, particularly in its limited representative form, is nothing more than a sham meant to prevent the volatile public from knowing who truly rules over them. The whole point of the political systems of the modern “democracies” is not to express the will of the people, but rather, prevent it from being realized. Yes, this is an inversion of what you were taught in school, but if you haven’t figured out by now that what you are taught in school is an inversion of the truth, you really haven’t been paying attention.

If the self-styled defenders of democracy actually believed in democracy, they would be actively seeking to remove its legal limitations such as the courts, the parliaments, the senates, and the executive agencies. We have the technology for direct democracy and we have the legal framework for referendums, which means we have the ability to directly apply the clearly-expressed will of the people to every single political issue of the day.

And yet, the will of the people is relentlessly resisted and denied.

This is why the “authoritarian” models of Russia and China is not only more effective and more popular than those of the so-called “democracies”, but they are more legitimate as well. The very high popularity ratings for both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are not only real, but they extend well beyond their domestic audiences. In fact, the least popular leaders in the world are all Clown Worlders, Yoon Suk-Yeol of South Korea, Emmanuel Macron of France, Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom, Olaf Scholz of Germany, and the least popular of all, Fumio Kishida of Japan.

When the Clown World strategists plan their color revolutions aimed at regime change, they are very often engaging in the baseless projection of the unpopularity of their own “democratic” leaders onto other nations. But the nations of the world finally understand that the “freedom and democracy” banner under which the Empire of Lies has spread is now no more legitimate than the Communist promise of a Worker’s Paradise.