The Sack of London

It’s more of an ongoing situation than an event, but the end result will be the same.

Crime has soared in London after more than 100 local police stations were shut down – and people living and working in the areas left without one are furious about it, a MailOnline investigation has found. It emerged this week that only 36 police stations remain open in the capital compared to the 160 that the city had in 2008 – a reduction of an astonishing 77%. The cuts have doubled the distance an average Londoner has to travel to their nearest manned police help desk to around two miles – with researchers warning criminals were specifically targeting areas the Met has abandoned.

Although, in fairness, there really isn’t any need for a police force that keeps the borders open, ignores foreign rape gangs, and primarily focuses on thought-policing the native population that doesn’t support Clown World’s intended destruction of the English people.

As the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom very well know, civilization is racism. If you are anti-racist, you are literally anti-civilization; remember, the term racism was coined by a white man who actively sought to destroy every aspect of American Indian language and culture to describe those Indians who wished to preserve their own way of life.