Mad, Bad, and Dead

Gammas don’t take it well when their favorite philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, is criticized. Or when it is suggested that perhaps a man would be well-advised to avoid adopting his philosophy, given how he wound up living out his days

The last eleven years of his life, Nietzsche spent in an incoherent madness, crouching in corners and drinking his urine. 

Now, I’m still of an instinctively libertarian bent, so far be it from me to deny any Gamma his right to live as a superman should. But crouching in corners and drinking your own urine while looking down on the rest of humanity for their slave resentment of your self-professed superiority does not strike me as one of the more desirable ways to live one’s life.

The crazy thing about Nietzsche is that a lot of people actually took him seriously, when in truth he was never anything more than a talented scribbler of navel-gazing fantasy fiction about himself. His entire ouevre is one gargantuan delusion bubble, or, as Cioran correctly describes it, “an unspeakable megalomania”.

This observation offended a number of Gammas who, for God only knows what reason, hold Nietzsche in high regard. This was one response.

Just because you call him a lunatic doesn’t make it so. you think and behave as if we are in the Middle Ages and you Catholics are top dog and have a continent-spanning secret police behind you but you don’t. All you have is a little internet echo chamber and a religion that is built on the flimsiest foundation that cannot stand up to any criticisms. So you arrogantly dismiss them. but the vast majority of people aren’t convinced by your bluster anymore and haven’t been for centuries. You come off as weak and ignorant now more than ever.

I have to admit, I have a fairly low opinion of the intellectual capabilities of the average Gamma, but I did not expect any of them to genuinely attempt to deny Nietzsche’s well-chronicled lunacy, considering that he not only had a mental breakdown in 1889, but suffered “a complete loss of his mental faculties” before he died in 1900.

And it’s ironic that considering it was something that he erroneously asserted was a symbol of powerlessness, Nietzsche certainly devoted a considerable percentage of his seemingly-lucid years to raging against the Cross.

The Fury of the Superman

My philosophy, such as it is, includes this precept: never take advice from a man who died in a state of raving dementia after drinking his own urine for 11 years.