We Got the Look

This is why it’s pointless to “update” one’s look. I don’t know if it’s still true that significantly changing the appearance of one’s site costs a significant amount of the daily traffic, but I figure it’s best not to take any chances.

Frankly, I like our Arkhaven logo better than any of these, even though it was clearly inspired by the 1976-2005 version. Speaking of DC, rumors are buzzing again about it shutting down the editorial staff and being turned into a licensing house. From Fandom Pulse:

We’ve known DC Comics has been in trouble for some time. The company has failed to move the needle with any of its initiatives in recent years, with their “Rebirth” reboot of their lines collapsing faster than any in history, which led to a “Dawn of DC” secondary soft reboot that couldn’t even generate any top books for the Big two publisher. Now, retailers and insider sources are saying troubles are even worse for the company with a failed summer event in Mark Waid’s Absolute Power leading to talk of selling off the comic IPs entirely.

Of course Absolute Power failed. You can’t fix convergence with SJWs anymore than you can cure cancer with more cancer.