Always Listening, All the Time

The mother of Hunter Biden’s illegitimate child was under active surveillance at the time she realized she was pregnant:

Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s daughter, Navy, claimed Friday her phones “crashed” and “just about everything” with Hunter Biden on the device was “gone” after she discovered she was pregnant.

Roberts claimed to Sirius XM’s Megyn Kelly that both of her cellphone screens “crashed” at the same time in front of both she and her friends the night she learned she was pregnant with Navy.

“You know how the little, like, black, with those lines and stuff across them? The green and the purplish looking lines?” Roberts described.

“Yes. It looks like a total meltdown,” Kelly said.

Roberts said “a lot of stuff” involving Hunter Biden was missing from her iCloud when she got a new phone the next day.

“Just about everything with Hunter was gone,” Roberts said.

All the corpocracy’s claims about technology and privacy are nonsense. If you have an electronic device in your home or around your person, understand that you have absolutely zero privacy. Don’t kid yourself.