The Thumb on the Scale

The search engines are observably compromised:

The three major search engines—Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing—have already been set up to favor Joe Biden.

The simple search queries “How to donate to Joe Biden” and “How to donate to Donald Trump” prove this bias. While some of the first place results can be excused by the fact that Trump’s results may have been obfuscated by current events, how is this not the case with Joe Biden, the President of the United States? He’s in the headlines, too.

It’s clear that these companies are putting their thumbs on the scales, but none is worse than Bing, which may as well call itself “Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters.”

The following screenshots exemplify the problem, but, again, none more so than Bing. All failed miserably when it came to Trump. How bad are these results when you ask for a donation page and instead get a news story about Trump being found guilty in NYC?

This is hardly a surprise, but it demonstrates how convergence is inevitable, particularly in tech. Unfortunately, none of the individuals with significant resources on the Right ever seem to place any value in providing non-converged alternatives, focusing instead on commentary and complaints about how unfair life is.