Russia 1, Pride 0

No wonder Clown World is raging about its ongoing defeat at the hands of Christian Russia:

The US-based company behind the popular language-learning application Duolingo has agreed to remove content potentially violating Russian “LGBT propaganda” laws, the country’s media watchdog, Roskomnadzor, has announced. The watchdog said on Tuesday it had received a letter from the company on the matter, confirming its compliance with the nation’s legislation.

“The Duolingo company sent a response letter to Roskomnadzor, in which it confirmed that it had removed materials promoting non-traditional sexual relationships from its educational application,” the watchdog told TASS in a statement.

Roskomnadzor handed Duolingo a notice in April about its potential violation of Russian legislation and warning it “about a ban on publication of any materials promoting non-traditional sexual relations.” Failure to comply with such demands results in hefty fines for companies operating in Russia, and further non-compliance could potentially lead to their online services being blocked by the watchdog.

That’s how easy it will be to rein in the satanists in the post-WWIII world, now that the falseness of the “free speech” rhetoric has finally been fully revealed. There is no such thing as free speech, the only disputable element is who defines what speech is permissible and what is not.

Free speech is the inversion of a factual observation by Martin Luther, who said that a man’s thoughts are free precisely because they remain unspoken, unheard, and therefore unknown to anyone but God.