Convergence is Anti-Christian

10 percent of the United Methodist Church just left the organization this week:

United Methodism’s largest overseas jurisdiction has voted to quit the denomination in response to the church’s divorcing sex from marriage at its governing General Conference earlier this month.

American “progressive Christians” are pushing their Western sexual values on African churches and have alienated an entire continent of Christians.

1.2 million in a single day, gone. 10% of the church, gone. Just like that.

Methodism in Africa, which outnumbers Methodists in the US for the time being, is thriving. But now it will have to thrive away from the United Methodist Church and take the form of either independent Methodism or join the conservative Global Methodist denomination.

In their efforts to be inclusive, the UMC has driven away now more than 20% of its members in the last few years.

To be clear, this destruction of the organized churches, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant alike, is entirely intentional. The various priests and pastors who have led the progressive charge to converge their own churches are not and never were Christians at all, they are the subversive wolves in sheep’s clothing of whom the Apostle Paul warned.

The good news is that the true Christian church, the ad hoc unorganized body of genuine believers, has always been strongest when under pressure. And while we can mourn the loss of Christian culture, which led humanity to its greatest heights, we should never forget that the faith is far more important than the culture.