Thailand Sides with BRICS

Another nation breaks free of Clown World:

Thailand will apply to become a member of the BRICS economic bloc, the government of the Southeast Asian country announced on Tuesday. The cabinet in Bangkok has approved the text of the official letter expressing Thailand’s intent to join the group, government spokesman Chai Wacharonke said in a statement quoted by local media. According to Chai, the letter declares that Thailand understands the importance of multipolarity and the increasing role of developing countries in international affairs.

We are witnessing the biggest global transformation since WWII. It’s got to be killing Francis Fukuyama, who obviously forgot that history never proceeds in a linear manner for long.

UPDATE: In another blow for Clown World, there will be no more color revolutions in Georgia.

The Georgian parliament has pushed through the divisive ‘foreign agents’ legislation, overriding a veto of the new law by the nation’s president Salome Zourabichvili, local media reported on Tuesday. A total of 84 MPs out of 150 voted for the president’s veto to be repealed and the bill to be passed without any changes, while only four supported the president’s stance, the reports said. Under Georgian law, a presidential veto may be overridden with a simple parliamentary majority, which would require 76 votes.