Taiwan in Three Weeks

I am VERY dubious for a number of reasons, beginning with the interpretation. But then, I was also wrong about the Russian SMO kicking off in February 2022; I didn’t realize Putin was going to actually follow through.

Chinese State TV declaring today that China will reclaim Taiwan, likely in early June. It has begun preparing the Chinese public for coming war and possible political sanctions and isolation!! According to Chinese defense ministry sources, the Chinese army will launch an attack on Taiwan in early June.

Time will tell. I don’t think the threats about the Three Gorges Dam matter very much, though. In fact, if Taiwan is actually threatening the dam, that makes a forced reunification more likely rather than less. And the Chinese military has clearly stepped up the pressure since the recent election of the new pro-independence President.

The just-concluded large-scale joint exercise conducted by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has shocked “Taiwan independence” secessionist forces, with a pilot of the island’s air force reportedly admitting that “the air force will eventually collapse.”