The Return of UATV

Attention UATV subscribers:

Yesterday, May 15th 2024, Unauthorized subscribers once again received the ability to subscribe to the site and its various creators for the first time since this February. While this is not a return to full functionality for reasons which will shortly be made clear, it is a huge step forward for the team and a major relief to our creators who have to a man, woman, and bear been extremely patient about the whole thing.

This first issue of our Substack newsletter is intended to help both new and returning subscribers through the process of subscribing to Unauthorized as things currently stand, as well as answer the most frequent questions we have been receiving since the update landed.

For all the details, please visit the new UATV substack. The devs intend to use it as a place to provide all of the announcements, instructions, and other information likely to be of interest to the UATV community.

And yes, there is a new Darkstream subscription which has been created for those who have been asking for it. This is a good way to indicate your interest in my video-related efforts; as you are probably aware, we make our prioritization decisions on the basis of how people are voting with their various forms of currency rather than the more common practices of rewarding the squeaky wheels or what the devs happen to believe is most easily accomplished.