Klaus Schwab is Alive and Well

We are officially informed that would-be world dictator Klaus Schwab is not dead, but is alive, well, and still dreaming of world domination:

Social media users have been claiming that the World Economic Forum (WEF) executive chairman and founder, Klaus Schwab, was recently admitted to hospital in a serious condition.

A large number of posts on X spreading the rumours have been seen and shared thousands of times. Some of them link his supposed condition to a cardiac incident after running, while others even go as far as claiming he may be dead.

None of these claims is true. Not only that, the WEF has confirmed that Schwab is in perfectly good health. The organisation has said that the claims are “entirely baseless and unfounded” and that Schwab’s health is “excellent”.

Have no fear. The official story is that Clown World’s eine Rasse, eine Welt, ein Reich program is still on track, and as we know, the official story is always true, especially when it changes.