It’s Grilling Time

And the vegans are already getting a head start on being their customary obnoxious selves:

Just a gentle reminder to pleases close your windows when cooking meat.

As a vegan runner it is always hard for me.

I try to go out running several nights a week around dinner time.

When you are cooking with the windows open the smell of meat can be quite over powering.

Honestly the odor is offensive.

Please have empathy for your #plantbased neighbours by closing windows when cooking meat and only cooking vegetables if possible.

I do not want to be a stereotype so i wont go into detail on why cooking animals is offensive. But I encourage you to do your research and join the movement with others who are fighting back.

If that’s not a sign to go out and do a neighborhood pig roast, I don’t know what is. We are carnivores. Anyone and everyone who is “fighting back” against eating meat is literally anti-human. Give them neither courtesy nor quarter.

Notice how simply running somewhere else, or at a different time, or inside, on a treadmill, with the window closed, never even enters this officious vegan’s protein-deprived mind.