Finland Played for Fools

The Finns are giving up their national sovereignty to Clown World because, despite decades of evidence, they actually believe that the US military is going to defend them against Russia:

The DCA gives the American military access to 15 bases in Finland and allows the deployment of military equipment and supplies on Finnish territory, as well as the free movement of US aircraft, ships, and vehicles. Members of the US military and the facilities they use would also get special legal protections.

When the DCA was signed, Finnish Defense Minister Antti Hakkanen said it was “a guarantee from the world’s largest military power that they will defend us.”

First, the USA is no longer the world’s largest military power except in two categories, sea power and space power, neither of which is sufficient to defend against Russia’s advantages with regards to infantry power, artillery power, air power, or nuclear power.

Second, the Finns should have probably asked the Poles what Britain’s guarantee was worth, or the Vietnamese, the Afghans, or the Iraqis what their US guarantees secured them in the end.

History strongly suggests that what best protects a small country is neutrality combined with a population willing to defend against any encroachments on its sovereignty. The single most dangerous position to assume is permitting a cowardly or corrupt elite inclined toward surrender that chooses a side in a battle between two major powers in the erroneous belief that this will either a) secure their own positions or b) protect the country.