Minimal Gardening

Speaking of books, the notorious gardening extremist David the Good has released his latest gardening masterpiece just in time for the spring growing season.

Are you a normal person who wants to grow food? When you search online, it all seems too complicated! But if you give up, what if something happens to our supply lines? What if we have an economic downturn? What if you can’t feed your family? Wouldn’t you like to know how to grow food without feeling like you need a triple doctorate’s degree in chemistry, horticulture and soil science?

You might think you need expensive raised beds or complex aquaponics systems, purchased soil, piles of mulch and exotic tools and fertilizers – but you don’t. You’ve been sold a bill of goods.

In this book you’ll learn how to cut through the complexity and just grow food using simple and time-tested methods. You’ll discover how to find easy-to-grow varieties, and you’ll learn how to simply put food on your table without expensive and time-consuming methods.

If you have a little land, a little time, and the desire for a healthier life, you can put fresh produce on the table, grow an abundance of hearty roots and greens in your backyard, and stop feeling overwhelmed about gardening.

This book shows you how. Free your mind and embrace simplicity with Minimalist Gardening.