Reality Always Intrudes

New York City insists that the crime statistics prove that crime is down in Manhattan. But, as Samuel Clemens once said, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. And the problem with relying upon a false narrative based on cooked statistics is that sooner or later, reality intrudes and it becomes obvious to everyone that the map no longer resembles the territory:

The MTA is suing mall giant Westfield after the company notified them it intends to end its lease and cease all operations at the Fulton Center in Lower Manhattan. Westfield signed a 20-year lease on May of 2014 – meaning they still have 10 years left in their lease. Westfield is blaming crime and quality of life concerns as their reason for terminating the lease. In response, the MTA is suing the retail management company for breaking the lease.

But Westfield says the MTA is not properly maintaining public safety at the transit hub and the mall giant has told the MTA that multiple tenants have left — citing break-ins, theft, vandalism, harassment and assault. “The rate of subtenant vacancies is at an all-time high,” Westfield wrote in a legal filing. “Few businesses want to open and operate a store where their employees and customers regularly would experience theft, property damage, bodily harm, or threats.”

Workers and subway riders told Eyewitness News that the biggest concern is the homeless population that congregates at the Fulton Center.

But New York City isn’t going to let a little thing like vanishing tenants and a failure to maintain civil order get in the way of its revenue needs:

The MTA is pushing back against Westfield’s plans and filed a lawsuit in federal court to keep the company in place. “NYCTA will face irreparable injury if Westfield abandons the Fulton Center in derogation of its Lease obligations by advancing its own self-serving business interests over the interests of NYCTA, retail establishments in the Fulton Center, and members of the public,” the lawsuit said.

And this is what a no-trust society looks like. Everyone lies, and everyone pretends to believe the lies. This is the future for the post-Christian, post-American USA… while it lasts.