An Army of Cheerleaders

The French military, perhaps intentionally, says the quiet part out loud, presumably because, unlike the French politicians, the French generals know better than to get involved in another land war with Russia, as Simplicius notes.

It’s come to light that according to sources from the French Marianne paper, Macron’s entire recent mental manqué resulted from a secret series of ‘assessments’ by the French military that not only provided an absolutely disastrous picture of the actual realities on the ground in Ukraine, but in no uncertain terms even concluded quite frankly that: “Ukraine cannot win this war militarily.”

But if the secret military report was damning to the AFU, it was even more damning to the uxorious petit caporal’s Grande Armée itself. You have to read it twice to believe it—excusing the infelicities of machine autotranslation. Yes, that’s the French military calling itself an army of cheerleaders in the face of the Russian army. “Who is this guy kidding, sending us to Ukraine?” they seem to protest.

Planning, imagined in Kiev and in the Western staffs has proved “disastrous”. “The planners thought that as soon as the first lines of defense of Russians would have taken place, the whole of the front would collapse […] These preliminary phases of the fundamental have been made without consideration of the moral forces of the enemy in defensive: that is to say, the will of the Russian soldier to cling to the ground,” notes the report referring to “the failure of the planning” of the western camp.

That’s called “underestimation”.

And riddle me why, exactly, did the West underestimate Russia so wantonly? Oh, that’s right—because all their projections and estimations were based on totally erroneously cooked data. When you have the SBU reporting 20 shot down Russian planes per week, and 500,000 Russian casualties—or whatever the absurdity is up to now—then, I’m sorry to say, that’s going to very unfavorably skew your expectations and mission planning.

The Clown World concept of war is as cartoonish as it is childish. It’s warplanning by women and Gamma males who have never even been punched in the face, and it’s supported by decades of evidence that is totally irrelevant to the matter at hand. Neither sending unmotivated draftees to die to no purpose in an Asian jungle nor carpet-bombing defenseless armor in the desert are adequate preparation for full-scale industrial warfare against a near-peer military.

This is the fundamental challenge faced by The Empire of Lies. Once you start lying, it’s not only very hard to stop, but it becomes almost impossible going forward to be able to distinguish between reality and the false web that you’ve woven from your systematic lies. And once you start making decisions based on your own falsehoods, you’re doomed to eventual failure.

Remember the core principle of convergence. Convergence prevents an institution from being able to perform its core purpose. Both the French and US militaries, being converged, are now entirely incapable of either fighting a real war or defending their nations. They are aptly described as “an army of cheerleaders” because rhetorical posturing, political blustering, and public cheerleading in the face of certain military defeat is all they can accomplish now.

And don’t think this observation has somehow escaped the military strategists of Russia, China, and Iran.