Ireland Rejects Clown World

A referendum in Ireland demonstrates the way in which “representative democracy” is now entirely unrepresentative of the will of the Irish people.

ITEM 1: Ireland will be taking a “step backwards” this week if it votes against two changes to the constitution that are designed to remove “old-fashioned” language about women and formally recognise families beyond those involving marriage, the taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, has said. In a double referendum on Friday, the Irish public will be asked to support the deletion of two clauses in the 1937 constitution, including the “women in the home” provision, and the enshrining of two proposed amendments. While the “double yes” vote is in the lead, polls predict a low turnout and indicate that 35% of voters are still undecided. Speaking in Bucharest on Wednesday, Varadkar said the referendum amounted to “a value statement about what we stand for as a society”.

ITEM 2: Proposals to reword Ireland’s 1937 constitution to get rid of outdated language about the role of women and the nature of the family have been comprehensively rejected in a double referendum. All the major political parties had supported a “Yes-Yes” vote, and the taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, had warned that any other result would be a setback for the country. But when the results came in on Saturday they were a resounding “No-No”. There were two simultaneous referendums, each designed to change parts of a constitution that was written in 1937 under Catholic church influence. Article 41 refers to the role of women in the home and defines the family as a unit based on marriage. The government said the language was old-fashioned and did not recognise unmarried couples so it asked voters to endorse two changes. The family amendment would have widened the definition of family to include “durable relationships” and the care amendment would have replaced the reference to women in the home with a new provision recognising the role of carers.

An overwhelming, resounding no: 67% rejected the family amendment, versus 32% who voted yes, and 74% rejected the care amendment, versus 24% who voted yes. Turnout was 44%. It was a stunning defeat not just for the government but the entire political establishment. Sinn Féin and the other main opposition parties had supported “yes, yes” as did many institutions and advocacy groups.

The fake “democracy” of Clown World has got to go. It has absolutely no basis to claim that it is “the will of the people”, which is its only justification vis-a-vis the supposedly “authoritarian” systems of China and Russia. Clown World’s “representative democracy” is, contrary to its advertising, an anti-aristocratic, anti-national system of foreign imperialism.

It is neither representative nor is it democracy. It’s just another satanic inversion.