Those Who Call Evil Good

An Australian pastor asks why so many of his self-professed fellow believers can’t see the evil in the murderous frenzy of the Gazacaust:

I know many of the Christians who are supporting Israel have condemned other nations in recent years for doing far less. But their misunderstanding of the nature of the identity of God’s people only applying to those who believe in Jesus by faith and having nothing to do with genetics, causes them to overlook the clear evil intent behind the levelling of an entire city, and the devastation of the people in that city. Christians are partnering with Molech in a tragic way, and they cannot even see it. Although, I have noticed that less and less of these people are defending it, as time goes by, which is a good sign that the devastation Israel is causing is making them uncomfortable.

This should be a warning to all of us who claim the name of Christ that we need to be diligent and wary to the encroachment of unbiblical doctrines that rise to prominence in the Church. Any one of us that might consider ourselves mature could become slack in our study of the word, reliance on the guidance of the Spirit of God through his word and other believers, and fall into a place of immaturity. We should not speak to others blindness without being willing to examine our own blind spots. But that does not mean that we should not be concerned about how many believers appear to lack discernment between good and evil. This is deeply concerning and has genuinely negative impacts in our world. Bad theology is supporting a terrible foreign policy that has destroyed countless lives in the Middle East for 80 years or so.

Many good Christians were hung out to dry during covid because the leaders of the church could not see the clear evil that was happening, or could but were afraid to speak out about it. Many good Christians have been hung out to dry on many issues. But who would have thought that so many believers would not be able to call a mass killing of people in a small, underdeveloped region of the world the evil that it is?

Israel is just another nation. It is neither intrinsically good nor intrinsically bad on the basis of its geography or dominant ethnicity. The Israelis have absolutely no historic claim to the land except the same right of conquest by which most people, including Americans, hold their land; even their historic claim is based on invasion and the genocide of the native people living in the land of Canaan.

Which means that Israel must be held to the same standard to which all other nations of the world are held to account. And yet, many self-professed, self-styled Christians are actively working to prevent the Israeli government or its people from being held accountable for their genocidal actions.

This suppressive action by South Dakota and other state legislatures is obviously a Clown World attack on Americans, Christians, and the First Amendment to the Constitution, as well as further evidence that neither Donald Trump nor most Republicans are actually on the side of the angels. None of these antisemitism laws are likely to hold up in court, given their blatant anti-constitutionality, but they are being passed and signed into law nevertheless in order to try to intimidate the American people into remaining silent when they should be speaking out against the global satanists who presently rule over them.

When even the pagans speak out against the wickedness they are witnessing, should not Christians do the same?

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday, March 7, called Israel’s war in Gaza a “disgrace for civilization”. “It is a tragedy for humankind and a disgrace for civilization that today, in the 21st century, this humanitarian disaster cannot be stopped,” Wang told journalists at a press conference.

This is not a political problem. It’s not going to be fixed by electing different politicians. It is, rather, the inevitable consequence of failing to prevent the wicked from ascending to the pulpits. The Apostle Paul warned Christians about the wolves in sheep’s clothing who would infiltrate their churches, but Catholics and Protestants alike failed to guard their doctrine, their dioceses, their deacons, and their pulpits.

Lest you give into fear and the temptation to accept the wicked as your spiritual leaders, don’t forget that we are told God will hold those accountable who call good evil, and evil good. Which is why my response to the self-styled Christians who proclaim that a certain ethnicity are uniquely unfallen beings who are in no need of salvation through Jesus Christ and are thereby worth of being protected from all criticism with the force of law is this: are you really sure your professed beliefs are in line with the eternal Word of God?