Another Enlightenment Fraud

Again and again and again, we see that the “human rights” promoted by the self-styled “liberals” of the Enlightenment were always fraudulent to their very core. Here we see in England how so-called “equality” only goes one way and works systematically to the disadvantage of boys:

One of the biggest girls’ football leagues in the country faces being shut down by the Football Association for refusing to allow a boy to play in its matches.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that a row has broken out between the FA and officials running a female league in Yorkshire after parents complained their son had not been allowed to join.

It is understood the FA has threatened the West Riding Girls Football League with sanctions and a possible suspension if it does not agree to let boys on the pitch, a scenario officials have branded ‘a massive threat to the girls’ game’.

Last week an emergency meeting was held by organisers of the league – which has at least 6,000 under-18 girls playing across more than 300 teams – where managers voiced their concerns that allowing boys to play would ‘open the floodgates’.

The FA’s gender policy states that any under-16 teams must allow both boys and girls to play, despite admitting that ‘physical strength, stamina or physique’ can put one sex at the disadvantage of the other. Fiona McAnena, at sex-based rights group Sex Matters, said: ‘A boy on the pitch changes everything. The law is clear that female-only sport is allowed. It’s sex discrimination for the FA to tell girls they must accept a male player.’

Top girls’ football league faces being shut down, THE DAILY MAIL, 3 March 2024

This is what inevitably happens when reality intrudes upon the dogmatic Enlightenment principles to which the secular champions of social justice have been appealing for more than 200 years. Whenever the ideological principle violates their identity priority, the principle always crumbles into dust.

We’ve seen it with free speech, as that has been trumped by the need for protect the ability of one group to believe they were uniquely persecuted in the 20th Century and for another group to ignore crime statistics. We’ve seen it with “democracy”, as that has been trumped by the need of Clown World governments to ignore the will of the people. And now we see it with “equality”, as three generations of unrestrained assaults on male-only activities are suddenly jettisoned as soon as female-only activities are threatened.

We are somehow supposed to believe that equality means telling girls they must accept a male player is sex discrimination, while not telling boys they must accept a female player is also sex discrimination. Which is, of course, a certain sign that satanic inversion is somehow involved.

The Enlightenment is the philosophical basis for Clown World. It is an outdated and sophistic philosophy that will disappear in the aftermath of Clown World’s demise.