Studies in the Napoleonic Wars

Book 4 in the Castalia History series, the subscription book for January-February-March, is Studies in the Napoleonic Wars by Sir Charles Oman. This is an excellent book that will be enjoyed by those who are familiar with Napoleonics as well as by those who are not. It’s esoteric enough to appeal to the subject matter expert while also being sufficiently accessible and interesting to those who know nothing about military history.

To subscribe to Castalia History, click here. Please note that Books 2 and 3 are already sold out. We are therefore increasing the print run for Book 4 from 550 to 650 books.

Also, the January newsletter has been sent out to all of the Library, Libraria, and History subscribers on the mailing list. If you are a subscriber who did not receive the email, email me and request being added to the mailing list. Of possible interest is the discount code for a complimentary copy of A SEA OF SKULLS, the complete edition, as previously promised. A complimentary copy of THE ALTAR OF HATE is also included.

Another good way to stay up to date is to join the Castalia Library Collectors group on LibraryThing. It also serves as a useful reference for the historical subscriptions.

We have not yet announced the January-February book for the Library/Libraria subscription as we are waiting to see if we can announce a new acquisition in time for this yet or not. We anticipate making that announcement sometime in the next two weeks.