Cancelling the Cancel Pigs

According to recent a recent report on Fandom Pulse, things are not going well for the SJWs in the comics industry. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for them to bite the hands that feed them, so they proceeded to attack the very stores that sold their products:

Now it looks like the chickens have come home to roost. First, there was the news that cancel pig Mags Visaggio was begging for money online on X: “We could use some help till our next paycheck (invoiced Dec 7) following a pretty catastrophic month.”

Now, a new bombshell dropped when award-winning writer of science fiction, steampunk, and comics Jon Del Arroz tweeted on New Year’s Day: “I’ve heard from a retailer insider that several shops are refusing to order books by the “cancel pigs” who insulted shop owners. Not a good start to 2024 for the mainstream comic industry!”

Why Marvel and DC writers ever thought it a good idea to attack the retailers that are selling your comics will be a mystery for the ages. Now it looks like the cancelled pigs are the ones who are going to be cancelled.

Cancel Pigs Are Getting Cancelled, FANDOM PULSE, 2 January 2024

If you don’t listen to your audience, and if you not only refuse to take their concerns into account, but actually attack them for the mere fact of possessing those concerns, you should not be surprised to eventually discover that you do not have an audience.

In respect of this principle, and after dozens of discussions with various parties, the Castalia team has decided that we are not going to attempt to save the independent publishing industry from itself in 2024. Why should we be more concerned about its fate than those who actually depend upon it are? As one member of our team sagely observed: “It’s too soon. They’re worried, but they aren’t panicked yet. They still have faith in the status quo.”

So, what we’re going to concentrate on this year is improving our processes, reducing our production times, and elevating each element of the operation to the highest possible level of quality and service. We improved in 2023, but we still have a long way to go. Once our own House is entirely efficient and in order, perhaps we can spare a few thoughts for those whose livelihoods and businesses are being systematically destroyed by a certain corpocratic behemoth.

And on a not-unrelated note, the Library email will go out tonight.