The World Has No Chance

Babymetal isn’t just back with a vengeance. I mean, yes, Moa has proven that she can hold her own in the absence of Yui, Momo has won over me and the rest of The One with her enthusiasm, Su’s voice is maturing beautifully, and Monochrome is a serious candidate for their best-ever song as well as one of the best compositions and productions I’ve ever heard by anyone, but now they’re multiplying.

I have to admit, my thoughts almost precisely echoed one commenter’s observation.

When the Metalverse girl started singing I was like, “wow, she’s good. Maybe even give Su a run for her money.” Then Su started singing and I was like, “nope, not even close.”

Su’s voice was always great, but the strength, the length, and most of all, the ease with which she holds that high note on the last “hajire” is simply breathtaking. Not that she ever lacked confidence on stage, but now she practically radiates it. And it’s fun to see how she still loves singing a relatively silly early song like Iine.

While I like the way they’re extending the instrumental breakdown here and increasing the contrast with the heavier parts, nothing will replace the way they got the whole audience involved on this one in some of the smaller venues back in their first European tour days.

As a bonus, check out what can only be described as their triumphant Road of Resistance performance at the same Japanese arena earlier this month.

UPDATE: Okay, now they’re just showing off. It’s a mirrored performance that comes out of nowhere. Wait until 2:22.