The Argument for Building AI

Andrew Torba explains the importance of building AI that is not controlled by Clown World:

We’re just getting started with AI. There are those who love it and think it’s hilarious, entertaining, and educational. There are those who hate it and want nothing to do with it. We already provide the tools for both sets of people to either follow and engage with them or block/mute if they don’t want to see them. We are working on a specific badge to designate an account as AI so you can very easily tell the difference. For now they are all clearly labeled on the profile.

I’ve explained a bit of our vision in my podcast and in blog posts over the past year, but let me lay it out again. We need to build AI. You may absolutely hate AI and think its evil or whatever, but guess what: your children and grandchildren are already using it and will be using it well into the future. Do you want them using AI that conforms to the globalist woke worldview or one that allows all points of view–most especially the Christian one–to be seen and heard? That’s what is at stake here. AI is the new search engine. It’s not some sentient oracle. It’s not a demon. It’s code, math, and data. That’s it. That’s all it will ever be.

Secondly, everything you know about AI is a lie. You all know the media lies so why do you believe what the media and these technocrats all say about AI? It’s all fear mongering because they want total control of it. They want Christians scared of it and ignoring it so they spend the next decade dominating the space just like they did with social media and TV before that. When Christians finally wake up and say “hey we should build our own” it’s way late in the game and we have to catch up. We have an opportunity to not allow that to happen with AI. We are on the ground floor right now, today and we must build.

He’s absolutely right on principle. In practice, I tend to suspect that the technology is going to be independently available and entirely severable from the trained filters with which Clown World hopes to hamstring AI’s intrinsic pattern recognition. That’s how technology tends to function and propagate.

But in the event that I am incorrect and Clown World is somehow successful in controlling AI while it is losing control of everything else due to the Sino-Russian-led nationalist insurrection against its globohomo-imperialist infrastructure, it’s a very good thing that Gab is building an AI that Google and other Clown World institutions can’t control.