Total Domination

3 Minnesota Vikings
0 Las Vegas Raiders

I’d love to be able to say that the Purple People Eaters are back, but in truth, the game was the epitome of a battle between two overmatched third-string quarterbacks. It wasn’t so much a defensive struggle as a display of complete offensive ineptitude, as well as the lowest-scoring game since the infamous Snowplow Game of December 12, 1982 without the excuse of being played in a driving blizzard.

I don’t think I’d ever seen multiple 2-and-17 situations in a game before. And all three quarterbacks combined for an average rating of 64.5. That’s not QBR either, that’s the old school rating that tops out at 158.3, and in which Brock Purdy currently leads the league at 116.1.

In other NFL news, a once-burning question has been resurrected. It has to be asked in light of the man’s 3 TD, 311-yard performance in a victory over Jacksonville with playoff implications.

Is Joe Flacco elite?

UPDATE: This is how elite he is. Per ProFootballTalk:

The situation is unprecedented. Coach Kevin Stefanski named Flacco the starter for the rest of the season. Even though Flacco isn’t really on the team.

Now that’s what you call “leverage”.