Don’t See That Often

In which a term I coined – in this case, “midwit” – is correctly attributed to me.

IQ Bell Curve, also known as IQ Distribution Curve and Midwit, refers to a series of memes that use the IQ distribution diagrams to mock one of the three main groups represented by the diagram, most often targeting the largest group of people representing the average intelligence. The concept of IQ Bell Curve memes utilizes the horseshoe theory, implying that the groups with low intelligence and high intelligence often chose to follow the same goals while being guided by different reasoning. Those who possess average intelligence are referred to as “midwits.”

The word “mid-witted” was popularized by far-right activist and writer Vox Day. On February 17th, 2012, Vox Day[1] published the blog post “The tragedy of the mid-witted” in which he commented on a life story article “Lessons of a very sexy pirate costume” by Jennifer Wright.[2] In the blog post, Vox Day writes that “those who possess above-average intelligence and trouble to occasionally read newspapers and magazines tend to genuinely be under the erroneous impression that they possess superlative intelligence.”

It will be interesting to see how long that particular attribution lasts. I tend to doubt they’ll do the same with Gamma Male or Sigma Male, at least not until the SSH book is published and the terms are sufficiently clarified again.

I do find it a little confusing that people continue to refer to me as some sort of activist, given the fact that I’m almost the exact opposite of one. An activist generally doesn’t write novels or completely shun both the media and the government-corporate complex, as he is usually far too busy running around demonstrating, seeking attention, and attempting to strike up relationships with celebrities and other influential individuals.

The problem, I suspect, is that in the aftermath of the death of the late, great Umberto Eco, the term “public intellectual” has been essentially abandoned due to the way in which most figures in the public eye these days are both anti-intellectual and mid-witted.