Castalia House Thanksgiving Sales

From November 24 through November 30, Castalia Library is selling four Library books at a discount price of $69.99 for everyone in the USA and the UK. This includes both subscribers and non-subscribers alike; no discount codes are necessary or applicable to the books on sale. Free shipping is included.

  • The Lawdog Files
  • The Jungle Books
  • The Black Swan
  • Fooled by Randomness

Castalia Library is also selling four Libraria books at a discount price of $199.99. The same rules apply.

  • Ethics
  • Politics
  • Summa Elvetica
  • The Promethean

Don’t forget that the BASED BOOKS SALE is also running, as in addition to the hundreds of ebooks on offer from other authors and publishers, 9 Castalia House ebooks are available at $0.99 each until November 30. A Throne of Bones and The Junior Classics are also on sale. The ebook sales are available worldwide.

  • The Nine Laws by Ivan Throne
  • Wardogs Inc. #1: Battlesuit Bastards by G.D. Stark
  • Wardogs Inc. #2: Hunter Killer by G.D. Stark
  • Wardogs Inc. #3: Metal Monsters by G.D. Stark
  • Mutiny in Space by Rod Walker
  • Corrosion by Johan Kalsi
  • There Will Be War Vol. I by Jerry Pournelle (editor)
  • Summa Elvetica and Other Stories by Vox Day
  • A Throne of Bones by Vox Day ($1.99)
  • The Junior Classics Vols 1-8 by William Patten, Matthew King, and Vox Day ($19.99/set)

An email to this effect was sent out to the Castalia House mailing list. If you are not on it, or if you were somehow removed from it by the vagaries of the current state of email, you can sign up for it here.