Finland claims that Russia has “weaponized mass immigration” by sending 700 migrants across the Russo-Finnish border:

Finland’s prime minister said today that the country will close all but its northernmost crossing point with Russia following a surge in migrants, which Helsinki claims Moscow is intentionally pushing after it joined NATO.

Since the start of August, around 700 asylum seekers have entered Finland without a visa over its 1,300-kilometre (800-mile) border with Russia.

‘The government has today decided to close more border posts. Only Raja-Jooseppi station will remain open,’ Prime Minister Petteri Orpo told a press conference. After seeing a surge in migrants seeking asylum on its eastern border in November, Finland last week shut half of its eight crossings to Russia.

So, 1.3 million migrants entering Great Britain and 5 million migrants entering Europe and 50 million migrants entering the United States, that’s all fine. But Russia kicks out 700 and that’s a “weaponization”?

Sometimes, Clown World is just insulting. We knew it was fake, gay, and evil, but we really never anticipated this level of rhetorical retardery.