The Invasion of Britain

The Conservative Party has completely failed to conserve Great Britain.

Net migration could hit 700,000 in new figures this week, the Mail understands, opening a new front for attacks on Rishi Sunak by the Tory Right. Internal Home Office forecasts suggest the official net migration estimate – to be published on Thursday – will rise to a record level. The figure for the year to June is expected to top 700,000, beating the high of 606,000 for 2022, sources said.

To put these numbers into perspective, consider that the successful German invasion of Poland in 1939 was accomplished with 1,250,000 soldiers, five percent less than the number of those who have invaded Great Britain in the last two years alone.

But hey, at least they’re not speaking German, right?

What those with no grasp of history fail to understand is that mass immigration is worse for a nation than a military invasion. Considerably worse. Because, as we have already witnessed from Afghanistan to Iraq, soldiers go home when the military occupation is over.

Immigrants don’t. Just ask the Palestinians how mass immigration has affected them. Or the Native Americans. This is why, as historian Martin van Creveld has concluded, immigration is war.

UPDATE: Further to Peter Turchin’s observations that the voting electorate has absolutely no voice in a modern democracy, an SG reader points out the following:

It must be noted that these record levels of immigration have occurred under a Conservative government elected on a manifesto commitment to massively reduce immigration.