One-Way “Impartiality”

If the BBC were to similarly suspend all of its pro-Israel reporters, it would have about six people left to report the Narrative.

Britain’s state-funded broadcaster BBC has launched an investigation into six reporters and a freelance contributor working for its Arabic service over allegedly exhibiting anti-Israel bias and cheering attacks by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The probe is related to the journalists’ social media activities, namely liking and reposting pro-Palestinian content and criticism of Israel. The online conduct of BBC employees is covered by BBC’s ‘impartiality’ rules.

BBC takes six reporters off air over ‘pro-Palestine’ stance, 16 October 2023

Meanwhile, on Fox News, the debate appears to be whether Israel should either a) nuke or b) ethnically cleanse the Palestinian population and ship all of them to the United States, or, alternatively, Ireland.

The media has never been impartial. But its pretense to impartiality has seldom, if ever, been more absurd.