Defending the Narrative

Somehow, I doubt the UK police are going to arrest everyone who supports the Palestinians in the UK.

Thousands of pro-Palestine supporters are protesting across major UK cities, as police warned that anyone showing support for Hamas could face arrest.

Crowds holding placards demanding Israel ‘stop bombing Gaza’ have taken to the streets of London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

The Met Police said they have deployed more than 1,000 officers to police the London demonstration amid fears of clashes.

There are far more people across the UK and Europe who support the Palestinians than support the Greater Israel project that requires either the ethnic cleansing or the genocide of millions of Arabs. It’s much more balanced in the US, of course, partly because Israeli citizens make up a significant proportion of the government and media there, but more because tens of millions of Christian Boomers believe they’ll be raptured straight to Heaven so long as they fly Israeli flags in their sanctuaries.

Anyhow, the IDF appears to be serious about beginning the ethnic cleansing of the northern part of Gaza and the US is engaging in a minor show of force in order to sufficiently intimidate Iran into staying out of the conflict. But there are so many narratives and so many possible outcomes involved here that it’s impossible at this point to say what is real and what is not, much less how the whole situation is going to play out over time.