Import X, Become X

You can call the truth whatever you like. You can utilize rhetoric to make people fear to speak the truth. But none of that will ever change the fact that it is the truth.

Students have accused a Cambridge University professor of racism after he tweeted ‘Import the Arab World, become the Arab World’ in response to footage of pro-Palestinian protesters in London.

Dr James Orr, an academic at the Faculty of Divinity, made the comments on a video showing crowds of demonstrators outside the Israeli embassy in Kensington on Monday – two days after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel.

The footage showed protesters waving Palestinian flags and holding banners in Kensington High Street, where the air was thick with smoke from flares. At one moment it panned to men who were praying on the street.

It is racist for a people to wish to remain a people and retain their language, customs, religion, laws, and culture. That’s literally what the neologism “racism” was coined to describe by the US general who articulated it as part of his personal war on the American Indian, and it is what it has always meant despite repeated attempts to move the goalposts as required for the purposes of rhetorical effectiveness.

The only thing that has changed is that people have been deeply indoctrinated to believe that racism is bad, even that it is a sin. The important thing is to understand that it is not possible to a) prefer to preserve your nation, your language, your customs, your laws, and your religion and b) not be racist.

The sooner people stop running in fear from rhetoric, the better.

The correct response to accusations of racism is a simple question: why do you think racism is bad?