Forza Milan!

Giroud is such a legend! Watch the whole thing. It’s not what you’re expecting.

On the subject of calcio, the winning goal in our most recent game was pretty funny. The right wing who’d come on as a substitute for me was pretty gassed with about five minutes left, so he was hanging back instead of running with the attack on the other side. He was just standing there about 30 meters out on the right, nonchalantly watching the action on the other side, as our striker went one-on-one with the keeper on the left side of the box, and took a hard shot that was blocked as the keeper came out aggressively at him.

Fortunately, the ball flew across the field directly to where the right wing as standing. He controlled the ball and then calmly put it in the empty net before the keeper could get back into position – it can be harder than it looks to keep a shot on target from that distance in those circumstances – then turned to the bench and folded his arms Mbappe-style before the ball even went in the net.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone work less for a goal.