Psyop City: Population One

I’m not saying this ex-conspiracy theorist miraculously healed of his doubts about Global Brother is necessarily gay, but he is absolutely and indubitably fake.

Brent is a real individual. There are many recent videos involving him, where he touts how he abandoned conspiracies that he once believed. However, all his live appearances show a nice-looking man with a limited vocabulary and a small repertoire of ideas. Brent could not elaborate on even one “conspiracy theory” that he believed and could not explain the specifics of how he was wrong about any particular idea.

Brent is never specific on any conspiracy theory he supposedly believed in the past. He speaks in generalities and mostly uses little words. Most conspiracy theorists I met love details! They would go on and on about “raised seals on Obama’s birth certificate,” “missing plane in front of the Pentagon,” and so on. Quite conversely, Brent is never specific about any of his past beliefs. So, I have to wonder if he is truthful about his past.

Brent Lee seems to have significantly changed. He posted semiliterate one-liners on Twitter until 2018. Then, his Twitter account changed suddenly to be much more verbose and oriented towards the daily fights of UK politics. Finally, his Facebook posts, much longer and with a much more diverse corporate vocabulary, are written in a style completely different from Twitter’s.

Clown World relies upon belief in its illusions and its word spells if it is to survive and continue to exert influence over the masses. So, the fact that it is now waging war on truth, which in its inversion it calls “disinformation” and aggressively attempting to discredit the truthtellers it calls “conspiracy theorists” is a positive sign that it knows its ability to keep its facade propped up is fading.