New York Runs Out of Magic Dirt

The Mayor of New York City turns anti-immigrant.

Mass immigration will “destroy” New York City unless something is done about it, Mayor Eric Adams has warned. Speaking at a meeting in Manhattan, Adams said the city was being overwhelmed by migrants from all over the world and faces a $12 billion budget deficit.

“Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to – I don’t see an ending to this,” Adams explained at a town hall-type meeting on Wednesday evening. “This issue will destroy New York City.”

The most populous US city is taking in more than 10,000 migrants a month, according to Adams.

But how can the city be overwhelmed by immigrants when they strengthen the economy and bring much-needed vibrancy and diversity to the city?

Sounds a little racist to me. And definitely anti-semitic. Mayor Adams should lose his job, his bank account, and his access to social media, don’t you think?

It’s always fascinating to see how direct and personal experience with immigration tends to change even the most liberal individual’s mind on the subject.