Losing Africa

The G20 has obviously been spooked by anti-colonial developments in Niger, Gabon, Burkina Faso, and Mali, to say nothing of the recent expansion of BRICS, as it has unexpectedly offered an invitation to the African Union that offers it equal status with the European Union.

Leaders of the G20 group of advanced economies have agreed to grant the African Union permanent membership of the organization, according to multiple media reports ahead of this week’s summit in New Delhi. The bloc of 55 African countries, which is currently classified as an “invited international organization” by the G20, would have the same status as the European Union within the group. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose nation currently holds the rotating G20 presidency, reportedly urged other leaders to accept the African Union into the group in a letter in June.

I very much doubt that allowing a toothless would-be superstate to have a very limited voice in the least of the globalists’ two public institutions is going to accomplish anything significant; how many of the 55 states that make up the bloc can actually be said to have “advanced economies”? By this expanded definition, who doesn’t have an advanced economy, Papua New Guinea and a small sovereign tribe of 37 people living in the Amazon?

However, it is another sign that the African front is in the process of opening, even though no one is actually fighting there yet. No doubt massive bribes will be offered in an attempt to keep the African governments in line, which will likely inspire additional military coups and more anti-corruption revolutions.