Evil AND Necessarily Stupid

“Crooked Joe Biden is not only dumb and incompetent, I believe that he has gone mad – a stark raving lunatic – with his horrible country threatening environmental open borders and DOJ, FBI weaponization policies…He is a mental catastrophe that is leading our country to hell that will end up in World War III because of this man and for no reason whatsoever.”

– President Donald Trump

Bruce Charleton explains the necessity of the mental catastrophes.

Why is mere managerial obedience to the evil agenda no longer sufficient? 

The reason is that – at the highest most-strategic level of the real world-leadership – i.e. the senior demonic – the plan has changed from the imposition of a bureaucratic-totalitarian global System (which reached its peak in the worldwide coup of early 2020); to the current increasingly “Sorathic” agenda of destruction: destruction of people, animals, plants and the planet (justified via the inversion of all true-values). 

This spiteful agenda has been smashing the world economy, finance and trade; it has started and is escalating WWIII; turned environmentalism against itself; exploded the sexual revolution; imposed the birdemic-peck; and is incrementally ratcheting-through the societally fissile effects of the current diversity-woke stuff. 

In other words; the senior real-leaders are making their servants do the opposite of what they were supposed (even just a few years ago) to be aiming-at. 

Given such dissonance; even the most servile managerial drone would, eventually, be able to work-out that he was being used to destroy himself and everything he valued… This is a danger to the fulfilment of the top-level evil strategy for earth. 

A servile managerial drone might work-things-out… Unless, that is, he was so deeply defective in reasoning capacity that he was incapable of noticing that almost everything he did, actually had the inverse outcome from its supposed intention. 

And that is exactly what we now have: a Western leadership class who don’t even notice that what happens as a result of their policies is the opposite of what these policies are supposed to achieve

Evil or stupid was always a false dichotomy. Evil AND stupid is now a basic requirement for participation in what passes for public leadership. Everything is not merely fake and gay, it’s also retarded.